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Why is Pennsylvania called the Keystone State?

A keystone is a wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch that locks the other pieces in place; it is a stone on which the associated stones depend for support. Geographically, Pennsylvania’s central location along the arch of the 13 original states calls to mind a keystone. Politically, Pennsylvania played a vital role in holding together the states of the newly formed Union.



Charcoal Tri-blend Unisex tee

FABRIC: 30/1 combed ring spun 50% ORGANIC cotton 50% recycled
polyester 4.4 oz/sq yd.
comfortable 50% organic cotton 50% RPET ( made
from plastic bottles ) fabric is organic, environmentally friendly and
extremely soft. This eco friendly style is getting rave reviews.
The yarn is comprised of a variety of recycled bottles. This makes if difficult to
get consistent lots of fabric, and there may be some slight color
imperfections especially for the lighter shades. It also can create different
hand feel of the fabric from lot to lot.


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