Zoom Café Pa'Lante
Zoom Café Pa'Lante

Café Pa'Lante


Join us in helping to bring Cafe Pa'Lante to fruition! As a Lancaster Highlight, Café Pa'Lante will receive a portion of proceeds from all shirts sold through our stretch pool donation program!

About the café:

Café Pa'Lante's founder Salina explains her vision for the space is to be a coffee and culture center located in southeast Lancaster City.

Café Pa’lante’s goal is to serve as both a community hub for connection, preservation, and education around our diaspora while also highlighting the coffee and food that binds us together. At Café Pa'lante, traditional Carribean and Latin American methods of brewing are highlighted alongside Latinx food and curated programming that highlight Latinidad and history. Coffee that reminds us of home becomes a vehicle for education, empowerment, and sharing our culture. 


You can also donate at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/cafe-palante

USA made, 100% cotton, pale yellow tee with terracotta print

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