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Rich with tradition, culturally aware and beautifully accepting the Annie Baileys brand represents the warm, community oriented nature of Irish culture mixed with the clean, calculated boldness that you would expect from a contemporary dining experience. This mixture of family, character and quality presents Annie Baileys a unique but unpretentious air of classiness. To capture this profile in a specific language and style, The Annie Baileys branding system boils down classic sensibilities to its minimalistic basics to serve as a link between old and new world charm.


This mark was created to be the forefront of the branding project. The client insisted on a symbol that was easily recognizable to their brand. Incorporating the three elements together this mark signifies the traditional style of the restaurant while remaining as a simple and clean mark.


Realizing their customers were in need of merchandise. Annie Bailey's reached out to Foxduck for a custom design for apparel and other products to sell in the restaurant. We developed these designs with the idea of making their brand inline with a high end whiskey or scotch. Incorporated into the design the traditional Irish greeting "Céad Milé Fáilte" which translates to "a hundred thousand welcomes"


Annie Bailey's hosts many annual events, one in particular is Oyster Fest. Each year we are honored to develop the yearly event t-shirts. These event designs allow us to have a little more creative freedom, stepping a little outside of the brand to draw up a unique one of a kind design.