Founded in 2015, Foxduck is the product of owners Ryan, Joshua, and Rebeccas need to be creative, engaging, and of service to our community. 

Starting with "print-your-own" at block parties and local community events, Foxduck was invited into the Prince Street Pop-up Park for the holiday season of 2016, and learned that people really did like what we were doing!

This community has helped us grow from our online presence to our brick and mortar location on King Street in the historic business district of Lancaster City.

Continuing into 2020, our small batch production garments are high-quality goods, curated using hand-printed silkscreen techniques and purposeful designs inspired by history and enhanced with modern influence.

Ryan Keates brings his love and talent for meaningful design to the table and created a brand that was quickly recognized and helped to spread the Foxduck name across Lancaster County. 

Mastering the craft of silkscreen printing and caring about our social impact, Joshua Wood helped Foxduck gain a reputation for responsible business practices and the highest quality printing paired with exceptional customer service.

Rebecca, wife of Ryan and sister of Joshua, is the fine tooth comb that crosses the "t's" and dots the "i's" bringing this journey full circle and ensuring the longevity of the business.