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23 Foxduck designs have been selected to be published in LogoLounge 13

Design department

Meaningful designs; inspired by history and enhanced with modern influence. 

Duff Builders

Los Angeles, CA

Duff Builders

Chicago, IL

Duff Builders

Montoursville, PA

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Founded in early 2015, Foxduck is the product of owners Ryan, Jos, and Rebecca’s need to be creative, engaging, and of service to our community. 

About the designer

Ryan Keates

Graphic Designer, cco

A graduate of Penn College, Ryan grew up in Lancaster with equal love for its people and places. He was inspired by the local flora and fauna, the historic sites, and the people who call Lancaster home.

With almost 20 years of experience in graphic design, Ryan is the vision behind Foxduck’s designs. His passion and talent shine through in every piece he creates, building a unified visual identity that is recognizable anywhere.