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Due to Gov. Wolf's most recent orders, we will be fulfilling your online orders after the stay-at-home mandate is lifted.

*Color tees will vary. Orders will be unique as we will be printing on our random selection of colored tees! Expect colors like kiwi, cardinal, gray, and blue*

Lancaster residents need support now more than ever. We have a large community whos resources are few and, even with the efforts from our exceptional non-profits supporting them, are devastated by the current events. 

Because of this, we are donating 50% of Solidarity tee sales to the Community Action Partnership (CAP) throughout April.

Our goal is to be a substantial contributor to CAP's efforts and to stunt the growth of the already overwhelming socioeconomic gap in Lancaster, PA.

The Community Action Partnership is Lancaster County’s largest anti-poverty organization and boasts a service profile that interrupts inter-generational poverty with programs that assist families at every age and place in life.

Knowing that poverty is complex and its contributing factors vary, CAP is committed to creating innovative, person-centered initiatives, including social enterprise businesses, to augment our many long-standing and successful anti-poverty programs that advance the social and economic mobility of families. CAP is person-centered, outcomes-based, data-driven, and focused on greater sector impact and systems change.

**Transparency is important: 50% of sales will go directly to CAP, 50% will go towards the cost of goods and longevity of this initiative. As an example, a $28 shirt purchase = $14 to CAP, $6 to shipping & handling, $8 cost of goods and operating expenses**

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